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Kenyan Producer calls out Harmonize for stealing beats, that he also stole


It is said that nothing ever goes past the famous Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) and that’s a fact.

Kenyan producer Magix Enga found himself in a rather tight spot when he called out Tanzanian singer Harmonize for stealing his beats.

According to the super producer, Harmonize stole his beats and used it for his new song ‘UNO’

Well turns out KOT noticed that Magix Enga also does not own the rights to the said beats.

A section of online users noticed that the beats were lifted from Nigerian singer Olamide’s Motigbana song.

KOT went on to troll the producer for claiming that ‘his’ beats were stolen

Harmonize on his part has not even commented on the whole ‘stealing’ saga.

Read some of the comments below:

afdope_official: Hii ni ile story ya pwagu na calm down bro

stunphotography Nothing similar hapo..wivu tu juu audio imegonga 1.5M less than two weeks.Plus,A list producers/artists sample other’s music-hii yako ya ligi small sasa?relax and bring something new..Ndundaing ilichapa.

kid_idris: Na wewe uliitoa kwa Olamide-Motigbana na hakuna mwenye alicritisize calm down bruv everyone is trying has his fucking share of this cake…..