Kenyan Rally driver Issa Mwari has called for increased sponsorship and support into the sport to increase chances of Kenyans winning the FIA Rally World Championships.

Speaking at the unveiling of sponsorships for talented Kenyan Rally drivers by Lubricant Company RUBiS Kenya, Mwari stated that hefty investments in terms of resources and skills other countries have put into the sport have made it hard for Kenya to win.

“It is next to impossible for a Kenyan to win because the people we compete against are very much skilled and the vehicles they drive are very expensive and hence more advanced.” 

“The cars they drive worth nearly Ksh. 1 million and the drivers despite being skilled enjoy a massive financial support unlike some of us who depend on their expenses and passion,” narrated Mwari.

Mwari thanked Rubis for their support adding that more Sponsorship is needed to help Kenyans have a fair chance of winning the Rally.

Speaking during the sponsorship announcement, RUBiS Energy East Africa Group CEO and Managing Director, Mr. Jean-Christian Bergeron, shared his enthusiasm for the partnership.

He stated, “At RUBiS, we believe in fueling all journeys, both metaphorically and literally. We are thrilled to support and fuel the aspirations of local Kenyan rally drivers participating in the FIA World Rally Championship.

“This partnership aligns with our core values of promoting excellence, teamwork, and fostering the growth of motorsport in Kenya. We are proud to be associated with these talented individuals and wish them the very best in the championship.”

The 3rd edition of the WRC Safari Rally zooms off on Thursday June 22nd to 25th in Naivasha, Nakuru County.

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