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Kenyan rapper quits music, going back ocha

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Rapper ‘Majirani’ is quitting music and going back to ushago.

In a long post on his social media account, the ‘Chepukati’ singer said he has been facing many challenges and they only got worse after a video of him breaking stones went viral on the social networks.

“I came to Nairobi hoping life will change after the management gave up, I had to get a house pay for it, struggled looking for a job last month my house got locked felt so ashamed i couldn’t post about one believes am struggling …mpasho made it worse when they shared that video of me working in a quarry breaking stones…now everyone is laughing at me i didnt realize i had soo many haters,” he wrote.

He has now decided to quit singing, saying that if people meet him in the street they should call him Zappy or Tom not his stage name ‘Majirani’.

 “I haven’t been happy, I have lived a fake life and now I want to stop, I have to think about myself, my only question has always been why would God allow this people to use me this bad? Why did he give me the talent If he knew it will end up this way?” another post reads.

Majirani has now decided to quit, he says he will do one more performance, a goodbye performance, at the end of the month.

“I honestly don’t know where but am thinking of taking the event either to, Nakuru, Eldoret or we do it here in Nairobi…it’s you guys to decide i will be sending my invites when we decide on the location,” the post reads.

According to the rapper, he has recorded 12 songs which are yet to be released and might never be released.

“Hoping this will be last time i will be posting about my life on social media…i have recorded a record 12 songs which are yet to be released i was serious when i told u guys that am back and am gonna work extra hard to create more music for u, i kept my word but life didn’t keep its word…so u might never get the chance to listen to them….soo sorry,” the post reads.

The rapper has had problems ever since his song ‘chepukati’ was reported on YouTube by black market, warranting a three weeks ban which affected the song viewership on the platform. He claims his YouTube earnings from 10 videos he had uploaded disappeared and the reason he was given by ‘NGOMMA’, was that that happens when the channel is inactive.

He has been struggling to get back on his feet to no avail.

“I have therefore decided to quit , i will be releasing my last song at the end of this month…it will be a goodbye song and dedication to u guys who have been loyal to me , i never came to compete , i came to entertain then make money and help change my family’ s financial situation but that didn’t happen..i wont blame anyone for my woes in the game…i just wanna stop for now…go back to the village start from scratch and be happy …when we meet on the streets please call me Zappy or Tom not majirani anymore i thank u,” he said.


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