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Kenyan Secular Musician Lovi Longomba gives his life to Christ

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LovyVuta pumz, a song that was well known to advocate about HIV/AIDS and stigmatization, its what the longombas gave us before they left for a greener pastures in US California.

Years later they adopted the western culture and did few tracks based in US.

Lovy a twin brother to Christian of Longombas shocked many when he stepped into a RCJC church a totally saved person alongside his wife Ida Onyango.. So miracle works right?

His father in law took to social media and said, “God’s hand is surely on my son-in-law Prophet Lovy Longomba. May his cup of anointing always be full.

His pastor Leslie Peters wasn’t left behind and he had this to say “Bless the Lord, Lovy and Ida, keep pressing forward. Just know that Pastor Edna and I are here for you guys, Congrats.

To confirm his faith a brother in Christ  Benjamin Onyango also a church member at RCJC said, “Saw some of the service, it was awesome, I am so proud of you, Lovy. This was your dream and God brought it to you. Abundantly, I’m super blessed for having you as a brother. You look the gape happiest I’ve seen you in a while. Love you, broham.
We at Ghetto Radio on behalf of all Kenyans we wish our brother happy new life in Christ.


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