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Kenyan singer Stranded after being locked out by Landlord


A Kenyan singer has taken to social media to cry for help after he was evicted by his landlord following rent arrears.

Majirani, a one-time singer whose career showed promise back in 2015, has revealed that he relocated to Eldoret to boost his sports career but things went south.

The singer who is also the founder of Majirani football club says he has been bankrolling his team single-handedly until last year when he got broke.

“Last year things started going wrong. I even called for a harambee  and many didn’t show up. Most of those who came never contributed. Out of 200 printed cars, only five were returned. After the event flopped last week, things took the worst turn. I couldn’t afford to pay rent amounting to ksh30,000 for three months. On Wednesday last week, the landlord came with policemen and they evicted me. I tried to talk to several friends to accommodate me but they didn’t let me in. I gave up and went on to sleep inside a house that’s still under construction. I didn’t mind about eating, all I needed was a roof under me because I had no money” he said

The singer added that he was able to travel to a friend’s place in Western for now but he is completely stranded.

“On Sunday, one of my friends sent me 500 bob and I traveled to western Kenya to meet a friend who’s currently hosting me. I can’t go back to Eldoret because I have no means; no cash for upkeep, the house is locked. I have accepted that my life has turned for the worst, I can’t pretend all is well when it’s not.” He added