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Kenyan Taxi Operators Taking Personal Precautions Against Corona Virus


As the entry of the China Southern Airlines plane into the country continues to cause an uproar,  a section of Kenyans are not taking chances and are taking precautions to ensure that they do not catch Corona Virus.

A taxi operator carrying passengers from the Jommo Kenyatta International airport was yesterday spotted driving with a hygiene mask.

The operator who was carrying Chinese passengers was spotted in traffic outside Day Star University.

This even happened as Kenyans continue to condemn the government for not taking a stern action and protecting Kenyans from contracting the virus.

So far 80,000 people have been diagnosed with Corona Virus across the world while another 2,770 people have been reported dead.

Here are some of the reactions from Kenyans;

“……its now clear that our government don’t even care our health. The good thing is they too will die. Hakuna kuenda London ama India. Njia ni Moja,” tweeted @ItsKiprotich.

“This Video of China Southern Plane landing on JKIA breaks my hearts and makes me to kneel and Pray for Only God can help us! This Virus has shaken some of the mighty countries like Italy and France yet we are still joking about it! What wrong with Kenya?? ” @ FelixRigera stated.

“All passengers aboard that Corona basket from China were cleared in Kenya but the country is yet to receive the correct testing kits. The only thing tested when those people were disembarking was their body temperature. Kenya is a big bomb yet to explode ,” @ThuoGithuku wrote.