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Kenyan Woman Held In Saudi Arabia With A Cancerous Wound Returns Home


SaudiA Kenyan woman has given a harrowing tale on how she escaped slavery in Saudi Arabia after her employer refused to let her go when she developed a cancerous wound on her leg.

36 year old Catherine Wambui says her employer refused to give her proper medical attention after she fell down and developed a wound that later formed into a painful growth.

“Just a month after arriving in Saudi Arabia, my boss started mistreating me, he would even go to the extent of abusing me physically. So on this particular day, he pushed me and i fell, injuring my leg. For five months i begged him to take me to the hospital but he did not, my leg then started smelling and a painful growth also started growing on it,” narrates Wambui.

“After realising that, he then took me to a clinic which did not treat me well because i experienced no change. The clinic even recommended that he takes me back to Kenya but he refused,” she adds.

Upon realizing the unwillingness of her employer to help her, she decided to escape with the limping leg, then came across some Kenyans who assisted her to get to the Embassy which was 12 hours ride away.

“At the point, i was limping and was in serious pain. I could neither sit nor stand for long hours because my leg would swell and increase the pain” she says.

Wambui was however fortunate to find cooperative Kenyans at the Embassy who helped her process her visa and ticket which was paid for by her family back in Kenya.

“I would like to thank this Arab Man called Rael, He really assisted me courtesy of the Kenyan Embassy,” she says.

Wambui arrived in Kenya on the 2nd of April and was received at the airport by her family.