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Kenyan Women raise concerns over poor quality Always sanitary pads

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Kenyan women took to twitter under the hash tag #MyAlwaysExperience to air their concerns regarding the poor quality of always sanitary pads.

The women revealed Shocking allegations of Always pads causing burns, rashes and skin irritation.

Many women called out the manufacturer of the product, Proctor and gamble, for ignoring their concerns about the poor quality of sanitary pads.

The whole conversation started after the company sponsored a bunch of influencers to a luxurious weekend as part of the launch of their new brand of pads, Always Ultra Soft. Using the #FeelTheComfortAlways hashtag, the brand used influencers to push the new product as well as the Always Girl Talk sessions which was also being introduced.

“Silence can be oppressive. I’ve had grown women fill up my DMs saying that they really thought the swelling, irritation & rashes were a normal part of the menstrual cycle. I’m heartbroken to think of the many horrible cycles they have endured. ? #MyAlwaysExperience” wrote one woman

Different ladies narrated how they have been forced to resort to other brands even going an extra mile to ask their friends traveling from abroad to bring them sanitary towels.

In a ray of videos displayed online, others uploaded videos of the same product sold in German market and the one in the country clearly displaying their frustrations.

“People in the diaspora coming through with #MyAlwaysExperience evidence on how @Always been dumping terrible pads for Kenyan women. Then @Always_Kenya busy playing PR SMH. Y’all are the realest ?✊??✊??✊?” wrote another online user

Activist Boniface Mwangi joined the conversation asking women to upload videos of them burning the brand to compel the company together with the ministry of health to take their grievances seriously.

“I have followed the conversation on Always pads. My conclusion, Always pads sold in Kenya have harmed women. So? 1. Make a statement, buy Always, burn, record, post 2. Get a court order to stop their sale in KE pending investigations 3. MPs to demand a response from min. of health…Let me elaborate point 1, boycotting Always while sharing on social media isn’t enough. People upcountry will likely not hear about it but if you burn them, media will cover, create more awareness and Always will most definitely respond. Say Something. Do Something. #SemaUkweli,” he said


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