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Kenyan Workers Petition Parliament On Abuse Of Employment Rights By Employers


A group of workers today held demonstrations to protest against unstandardized forms of employment and continuous abuse of employment rights by employers.

The workers drawn from various unions including Amalgamated Union of Metal Workers, Hospital Institutions Workers Union and the Kenya Domestic Hotels held demonstrations from Jivanjee Gardens to Parliament buildings where they presented their petition.

In the petition, the workers demanded that the government addresses the rights of Kenyan workers and also set standards that guide various aspects of employment rights.


“Today we present this humble petition to the national assembly with an aim to address issues of fundamental importance to the Kenyan workers. The petition addresses prevalence of precarious work in the country that prejudices on the labour rights of the Kenyan workers,” said Rose Omamo, the Secretary General of the Amalgamated Union of Kenya Metal Workers.

Omamo also stated that they want the rights of non-standard employees observed in the work place.

“The overall goal is to advocate for effective law enforcement and streamlining the country’s policies to ensure that non-standard forms of employment in all sectors meet the minimum requirements for decent work in the country,” clarified Rose Omamo.

“Currently, elements of precarious work continue to be experienced across all sectors in the republic of Kenya and this is of concern to trade unions as a major labour actora in the country. As a people we continue to witness elements such as outsourcing, casualization or seasonal contracts of services. We also see sub-contracting that we feel has undermined the principle of decent work in the country,” she said.

Gender Based violence and mental health at the work place are also some of the issues the workers want resolved.

By Jack Odongo