In summary

  • Safaricom launches open market space with free 1GB data bundles for every New 4G Smartphone
  • The aim is to connect the Country with utmost internet

Kenyans and Safaricom customers at large have been amused by Safaricom’s move to launch open market and issue 1 GB free data bundle for every new 4G Smartphone.

You are in an open market which means you can buy your phone in any outlet wherever you are and still get the same.

After getting new 4G smartphone purchase your bundle for any amount using you Safaricom line and you will automatically receive 1GB data bundle for free.

Safaricom Chief Consumer Business Officer Fawzia Ali Kimathi says that they have partnered with almost 80 per cent phone dealers countrywide.

This is just to ensure that the country is connected through issuance of free 1GB bundle for every new 4G smartphone.

“Tunashirikiana na dealers wetu  na tumewafikia asilimia 80 ili wateja wao wanaponunu simu watumie line zetu za simu na watapewa I GB free data bundle for every new 4G Smartphone,” she said.

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Customers Feedback and Reactions

Meanwhile those who purchased the 4G New Smartphones at Ropem shop at Archives today showed their appreciations to Safaricom for the free 1GB data bundle.

“Nimebuy phone Leo hapa ya Tecno Pop 7 na nikaweka line yangu ya phone nikabuy kredo ya fifty and it is true nimepata hii 1 GB free data bundle,” James Derick.

“Mimi nimepewa free Smartphone na watu wa Safaricom na nikaweka line yangu nikapata 1GB data bundle nashukuru watu wa Safaricom for this. Nilitoka mtaa bila simu na nikapewa simu mpya,” Fan said.

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