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  • Kenyans are more Jamaican than Jamaicans, Big Ted.
  • Many Jamaican singers don’t know about Kenyan reggae singers.
  • Kenya is set to host the Africa Reggae Awards in August this year.

Former ambassador and veteran event host Thomas Kwaka popularly known as Big Ted has affirmed that Kenyans are more Jamaican than Jamaicans themselves. Big Ted noted that Kenyans love reggae music more than their Jamaican counterparts.

According to Big Ted, his longevity as a reggae promoter has made it possible for him to study the staggering difference between Kenyans and Jamaicans in regard to reggae music consumption.

While continuing with his comparison, Ted ruled that most of the Kenyan reggae singers are unknown by their Jamaican brothers.

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Ted further joked that Kenyan schools would perform equally better were they to be taught using reggae music.



Africa Reggae Awards

Big Ted further disclosed that the month of August will Kenya host the Africa Reggae Awards.

The event will be a celebration of reggae music in Africa.

“In August we’re doing what we’re calling the Africa Reggae Awards yes the Africa Reggae Awards will be a celebration of reggae music in Africa by the way do you know that Kenyans are more Jamaica than Jamaicans… The reggae artists we have here very many Jamaicans don’t have an idea who they are, Wakenya wanapenda reggae kushinda wajamaica, I’ve been the biggest reggae promoter I can put it on record for you” asserted Ted partly.

During his online engagement, Ted further hinted on a mega concert from a mystery global gospel star.

Ted who served for two years as an ambassador in the US further recalled his last reggae concert with UB40.

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The event was a huge success which also attracted the then president, Uhuru Kenyatta. He revealed that the former head of state enjoyed himself noting that UB 40 is his favorite reggae band.



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