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Kenyans Attack Ian Mbugua and Carol Odero After The “Fashion Panelist” Show Was Pulled Off From National TV


ianThespian actor and former TPF judge Ian Mbugua must have tasted a pill from his dosage after Kenyans took a rough troll on him, roasted him raw on his Own Facebook account.

Ian, who was recently a fashion panelist judge on a local television show took to his Facebook account to inform Kenyans that the show was no more but “they (Carol Odero, Annabel, Robert Burale and himself) will miss Kenyans as Kenyans will also miss them in return.

“Thank you fans and haters. You’re all going to miss us as we will you,” he captioned.

And wow, little did he know that he had woken up sleeping lions who clearly and with no chills went on to maul him and his two ladies – Annabel and Carol with only Burale getting spared.

“Ian you were not supposed to be on that programm in the first place. Look at your age kwanza. Unafaa kuwa kwa council of elders na Wazee rika yako discussing issues affecting the community and offering advice sio kukaa na wanawake who are supposed to be your daughters talking abt fashion.Thats not what pple of your age are doing. Infact unafaa kuwa njuri njeke dealing with cases that need an elder like you or taking care of your cows and delivering milk to Kcc.Call me a hater but i will tell you the truth,” one fan rattled.

“You look like magicians from Nigeria in a Nija  movie,” went on another.

And the comments kept coming;

“Hope you headed to Churchill show auditions,,that guy is running out of comedians when you three have so much potential. Leave the job to Robert Burale.”

“I will miss watching the mad men and women advising us on fashion.”

” Sorry to say this but this is good riddance. You’ve taken us to hell with UA fashion audits but we’ve left u there. Carol will you stand in front of your father with that outfit. I would rather you critic yourselves before you do to others. Ian you are too old for such nonsense. I know the public uproar on your dressing has cut short your show. Ian you are much better in music join coke studio.”

Better read the screenshots below or click on the link for a better insight;

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