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  • The debate on Playing Kenyan Music has taken a whole new turn.
  • Steph Kapela claims Nigerian and Tanzanian artists pay to get airplay
  • He urges Kenyans to support their own


Kenyan rapper  Steph Kapela took to his Tiktok page with a rather interesting message to music lovers.

In his post which has garnered more than two thousand comments, the rapper claims most people are being conditioned to love what they think they love .

’Kenyans you are being taken for fools,mnabebwa ufala na mnakubali,unaweza fikiria ni wewe unajua kenye unapenda na kenye hupendi ‘’ said the renowned rapper

He went ahead to tell music lovers that they are currently being conditioned ,especially when it comes to the music they consume .

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Nigerian And Bongo Artists Spending Millions

Songwriter and rapper Steph Kapela. PHOTO | COURTESY


He claims Nigerian and Bongo artists are spending millions of shillings to have their music played on rotation,

‘’people like Wasafi kina Rema,kina Ruger. These guys are spending upto ten million Kenyan shillings so that teir music can be played on rotation  over and over again ‘’

He acknowledges that he has no issue with the songs being on rotation since they are good songs but he claims that good Kenyan music is not getting airplay.

Further to the video, He claims that if Kenyan music lovers want their favorite artists to grow, they ought to start requesting to have their songs played on their favorite radio stations.

‘’If you do not support your favorite artists, you are letting our culture die ‘’

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Kenyans react

The video has garnered mixed reactions with some opposing his school of thought ,

Some comments are captured below ,

’Kenyan artists should start conditioning us too”

”Mbona pia artists wa Kenya wasi invest ,they are not entitled to anything ata kama ni Wakenya”

”You also need to understand something called marketing”

”Asai ata wao walipe skills”

”Walai truth,umesema ukweli kabisa”

”Lets support Kenyan music”

”Well said”

Do you think Kenyans are being conditioned as Steph Kapela claims? share your comments with us.


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