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Kenyans call out Comedian Nicki Big fish for stage managing attack

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Earlier in the week, comedian Nicki Big Fish claimed that he had been roughed up and left with injuries after he was attacked while filming his prank show jibonge.

A few days after his alleged attack, Nicki has come out to urge the government to protect creatives against such harassment.

“Kindly embrace us as your sons and daughters, it’s never that serious we are just trying to put smiles on your faces coz Kenya sahii watu wana pitia vitu mob sana and we understand. Plus we always delete footage of those people who request us to do so I urge the government to put measures to protect us guys in the creative industry by legislating laws which will ensure that we do our day to day hustle without or with minimal obstacles.” he wrote in part

The comedian shared a short clip of the attack but fans insist that he stage-managed the whole thing.

In the said video, Nicki is acting like a journalist doing a stand up when he moves closer to two heavily built guys and starts targeting them.

Hahaha unatubeba for real it looks so staged the way they were talking n actions?

Umetudanganya…as in stage managed

Si ungetonesha full video ukipewa zako, wamekushika tu Shingo alafu ikaisha hivo, apaaana. Onesha yote

Others have also called him out for the pranks they term as inappropriate.

Check out the video:


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