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Kenyans celebrate killing of police officers by Al Shabaab

Al Shabaab tano tena

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The recent terrorist attacks on the Kenyan soil have in many instances brought all Kenyans from all walks of life together.

The most recent gruesome attack that saw Kenyans unanimously condemn the Al Shabaab militia group is the Garissa University attack that saw at least 147 students killed.

Kenyans created hashtags, held vigils and demanded accountability from the government in one voice.

But the 2017 elections seems to have changed the hearts of some Kenyans on their view on the Al Shabaab attacks.

Many people have raised concerns on how Kenyans yesterday reacted to yesterday’s attack on police by suspected al shabaab militants that saw at least five police officers killed.

Instead of unanimously condemning the attack as it has been the norm, some Kenyans have taken their anger against police brutality during the presidential results protests into celebrating the terrorists acts.

Several people have been reportedly killed and some seriously injured by brutal police in various parts of the country

Here are some of the shocking reactions;







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