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Kenyans come to the rescue of former TPF star Alvan after being locked out by his landlord

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Kenyans have once again shown their helping spirit after coming to the rescue of former Tusker Project Fame star Alavn Gatitu.

Over the weekend Alvan revealed that he had spent Saturday night in the cold after he was locked out by his landlady over rent arrears.

The former TPF star turned comedian revealed that prior to being locked out his electricity and water had been disconnected.

“So covid-19 imeaffect watu wengi in various ways kuna wenye wamekuwa wagonjwa and those ones who their livelihoods have been affected. I’m here to attest to the second part where your live hood has been affected. The reason why I’m on the street right now recording at 5.30 in the morning is because I just woke up. I slept in a guard’s booth hapa Riara kwa sababu nilifungiwa nyumba,” he said.

Alvan revealed that he tried calling his landlady and landlord, but the calls went unanswered and he had to look for a place to spend the night because it was already 6.30 pm.

He further revealed that efforts to get help from friends also failed adding that one friend even instructed her guards not to let him in.

“My land lady and landlord waliamua wako na shida zao na mimi nikaenda zangu so mimi nililala nje. Please note that as this was happening nilikuwa nimekatiwa maji na stima for one and a half weeks. Just trying to make ends meet zimekataa because livelihood ya watu wengi imekuwa affected and business wasn’t working. I got a nduthi (Moto bike) to one of my friend’s place on Riara Road, I came as soon as I got to her gate, akaambia guards wasikubali niingie and when I explained to the guards what was going on they gave me a place to sleep. A karoom where they put their shoes and uniforms” he added

After his video went viral, Kenyans thronged his social media pages to aske for his contacts so they could help.

The funny man ended up receiving tonnes of M-pesa messages till his line could not receive much anymore.

“I appreciate everyone for the little and much you have done…I don’t know what to say. There is a God in heaven,” he said in an emotional clip thanking well wishers for coming through for him.


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