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Kenyans Continue With Business As Usual This Christmas


Unlike the traditional clear roads and closed businesses, this year’s Christmas has seen many Kenyans defy their celebration traditions and instead continued with their businesses.

A spot check conducted by Ghetto Radio has revealed that many Kenyans have opened their businesses as usual.

“We do not have anything to celebrate this year. The economy has been bad, so we have to keep working to keep up with the demands,” stated Ken a mechanic in Kariokor.

Michael Ndung’u a second hand goods retailer in Ngara also opened his business premise as usual saying he has many pending bills to settle.

“I have to take every opportunity i have to make money. Sitting in the house in the name opf celebrating will not help me pay school fees next year and also buy text books for my children,” said Ndung’u.

A good number of vehicles could also be spotted on the roads, a significant sign that many Kenyans were up to their daily activities.

The year 2019 has not been a very good year for Kenyans, this follows the shut down and closure of many businesses and many companies due to hard economic times.