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Kenyans demand sacking of Professor Hamo from Hot 96

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Is Prof Hamo a deadbeat dad?

Comedian and radio host Professor Hamo is trending and not in a good way.

The Hot 96 morning show presenter found himself on the wrong side of Kenyans after it was revealed that he does not support his baby mama, also a fellow Churchill show comedian Jemutai.

It all started on Friday morning when Jemutai reached out to blogger Edgar Obare to help her sell her Facebook account which has more than 860k followers.

In reply to Edgar’s stories, one of Jemutai’s friends reached out to shame Jemutai’s baby daddy Prof Hamo for not taking care of his children.

Jemutai, a mother of two, confirmed the allegations saying that she and Hamo met on the set of Churchill show in 2015 and started dating back then when Hamo used to live with his sister.

She claims she got pregnant with Hamo’s child in February 2016 but the comedian, who already had a family in Nakuru, refused to take responsibility because he had an image and fame to protect.

“I decided to take care of things myself and moved to a single room. When I was about 42 weeks pregnant I decided to visit the hospital because the baby was overdue, so they had to induce labor. After sometime, the doctors could not hear the baby’s heart beat so I had to undergo an emergency C-section,” said Jemutai.

Jemutai says she tried to reach out to Hamo for help with the bills to no avail.

“I had not planned on the C-section, so I did not have enough funds. I tried to call Hamo to assist me with three thousand shillings but he did not respond,” says Jemutai.

According to the Churchill show comedian, Prof Hamo had gotten an endorsement of sh.10 million but did not even help her in buying anything for the baby.

“He came back in 2017 when the baby was about 8-months-old, by then his first wife was also pregnant with their youngest child,” said Jemutai.

She helped Hamo with the bills given that she had landed a deal with Safaricom.

According to Jemu, she has been helping with the first wife’s children’s expenses even going as far as paying school fees and buying their school uniforms when Hamo didn’t have money, even though he works at Hot 96 and has been in several big advertisements.

He even prioritized the enrollment of the first wife’s children to school, something Jemutai claims she helped with by borrowing sh.30,000 from a friend.

“I struggled to pay back that loan because I got nothing in return,” says Jemutai. 

Jemutai claims that she got into an altercation with Hamo because she wanted to get back to work in order to support her mother and children. 

“I lived with Hamo from 2017 to 2019 and in all this time we have stayed together, the house does not even have a TV.. even a cooker, we go to bed at 9pm but that is not important. The most important thing is that my children have food on the table, that is why I am selling my account,” said the mother of two.

The confession by Jemutai got Kenyans angry with some even going as far as Hot 96 social media pages to demand the firing of Hamo or diversion of part of his salary to Jemutai and her children.


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