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  • The decision to have Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda host Afcon was made yesterday.
  • Host Nations mobilize resources for Preparations.


Kenyans have shown love for the football game and decision to team up with with Uganda and Tanzanian in hosting African Cup of Nations.

Many view host status as a wake up call for government to take soccer with seriousness it deserves.

Mike Okello trainer at Kariobangi Ground told Ghetto Radio News that the move was upright and should be a motivation to current and upcoming players.
“It is a good decision with those status we are able to evaluate ourselves with football standards because again we will be playing as host.The hosts have been dominated with those from the West Africa and Northern Africa just because of enabling environment and good facilities it is therefore means that we should do more in terms of improvement of our infrastructure.” He told Ghetto Radio News.

Reactions from Young Players

Meanwhile young players feels motivated and they are asking the government to give them priorities in terms of capacity building.
“Ni motivation poa kwetu kama vijana wadogo ambao wanaanza ball na pia ni motivation kwa makoches wetu juu you never know come 2027 we will be on the squad.” Barry Santos player in Mathare said.

President on Preparation

Meanwhile President William Ruto is optimistic that Kenya has what it takes to have a wonderful game come 2027 and the preparations are on top gear.

“I have been informed that Kenya together with Uganda and Tanzania has managed to be the host of AFCON 2027, I want to thank the sports ministry that all the plans we had of changing the ministry have started taking shape,” he said.

Ruto said many people had doubted that Kenya could get such a chance but the same has come to reality.

“Many people did not believe that we had a chance of hosting the AFCON 2027 because of the state of our football and the state of our sports in general but I am very proud today that Kenya together with our partners in Kenya and Uganda have won this chance,” Ruto added.

September 28, 2023

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