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Kenyans Go Ham On Kenya Airport Authority Employees Glorifying Sex With Class Six Girls, KAA Sacks Him.


kenSocial media is not all rossy as it appears to be. Who told you that you can always get away with every post on that wall you claim to be yours? Some posts you post on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram can cost you, your job, respects and even pose a risk of a lifetime imprisonment.

Ken Wa Mwangi can tell you better.

Well, apparently the guy is crying foul and regretting big time after a Facebook post he posted thinking was funny rubbed Kenyans the rough way.

So on September, 11 2016, Ken Wa Mwangi (In his Right and Sober Mind) went ahead to jot a disgusting post glorifying sex with minors as young as class six.

As if that wasn’t enough damage, Ken went ahead to claim that he can also “sleep” with a Kindergarten kid ‘AKIKAA VIBAYA VIBAYA’ when a user

Wait, doesn’t that translate to a self-proclaimed rapist?? Woe unto our minor girls.

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Unexpected to him, the post went viral and it even reached to his alleged Employer-KAA who  in turn released a PUBLIC APOLOGY vowing to deal with Ken as investigations launched.

Ken Wa Mwangi was forced to swallow a bitter pill and apologise after the public uproar…..something that was greatly ignored by Kenyans. I also learnt that this Ken Wa Mwangi saga became too huge when the troll on him moved from Facebook and topped the trending topics on Twitter before being aired on NTV as News.

And Oh, did i tell you that Ken has a daughter too?? Check her out;










Photos below;

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