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Kenyans Hilariously React To Census Results On Male and Female Population

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Just a few hours after the Kenya National Bureau Of Statistics released the 2019 census results, outspoken Kenyans took to the social media to express their views on some of the statistics given.

While others chose to particularly analyse the numbers based on the previous census, some chose to comment of the number of females and that of males in the country.

According to the results released by KNBS CEO Zachary Mwangi, the female population is lightly higher than the male population putting it 24,014,716 against that of the male which is 23,548,056.

#Census2019 #CensusResults 23,548,056 male 24,014,716 female Hio ratio nikama ni almost 1:1. You know what that means? It means that since every man has 2 or 3 girlfriends then pia madem wako na 2 to 3 boyfriends, na most definitely tunashare madem na wanashare sisi. Truth!,” tweeted @ItsJohnMwendaH.

“Of all the 23.6 million men minus 16 million men who have reached the menopause stage mazematicaly 2 million Boychild ni wa kutuma fare minus kevo na brayo you remain with 2 loyal men #CensusResults – ” tweeted ItsMadoka.

“Then why is it that gender equality in the country is an issue?? ” tweeted @AmSHADRACK2.

“Ladies be humble, if he has your number he has it #Censusresults ” said @ngumonthenge.


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