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Kenyans hold protests, want senate dissolved


A section of activists on Monday held demonstration to protest against the Senate’s delay in passing the new revenue formula.

The protesters who camped at Parliament building presented a petition calling on the senators to pass the revenue formula to save the common mwananchi from suffering.

Majimaji who joined the protesters called for the dissolution of the senate if they will fail to agree and pass the be formula.

“If senate does not make a decision and let money get to the counties, devolution will collapse. The mwananchi in Laikipia, the Kenyan in Mathare depends on the funds in the counties. If they fail to decide, we are appealing to the speaker to declare the senate disorderly,” said Majimaji.

“We can not allow political actors to play politics for their selfish gains,” he further stated.

Bunge la mwananchi leader Kiberenge also echoed Maji’s calls stating that the revenue stalemate in the senate should be resolved as soon as possible.

“All we want is a yes or no vote. A yes vote will give power to the new revenue sharing formula, a no vote will mean that we go back to the previous formula,” stated Kiberenge.

The senate has had an existing stalemate over the revenue sharing formula for quite some time now.

On Monday three senators, Cleophas Malala, Steve Lelegwe and Christopher Langat  were arrested ahead of the voting putting the resolution of the matter in further jeopardy.