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  • Kenyans have reacted to Cartoon 47’s 5.7 Million shoes.
  • The shoes are part of the globally acclaimed Nike footwear.
  • Cartoon has dared any Kenyan artist with the same pair to come forward.

Kenyans have humbled  Cartoon 47 for his  5.7 Million shoes, The Air Mag sneakers from shoe brand, Nike.

With the artist’s video doing rounds on social media while flaunting the pricey kicks, Many are continuing to share their opinions.

A survey of the commentary leaves one with teary eyes as Kenyans sought to humble the artist.

We sampled a few them below.

“Tulivaa viatu za kuwaka waka class 2 acha mambo”

“Inakaa ile kiatu ya ukivunjika mguu”

“Tupunguze ukatuni mmesema kiatu is more expensive kuliko net worth yake”

“Uko kwa stairs ya ploti”

“Ati 5.7 Jaba”

Nike Footwear(Air Mag)

The Air Mag sneaker is owned by the globally acclaimed brand, Nike.

The shoes are rare with information of their availability revealing that only 89 pairs were released to the market.

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A pair available on Farfetch in size UK9 costs $82,383 as of December 2022.

Below are a list of some of the most expensive shoes released by Nike.

-Nike Air Jordan 10. Price: $2 Million

-Nike Air Yeezy 1. Price: $ 1.8 Million.

-Nike Air Jordan. Price: $560,000.

-Nike Waffle Racing Flat Moon Shoe. Price: $ 437,500.

Daring Kenyan artists

While affirming that he’s the only Kenyan artist with the rare pair of shoes, Cartoon further dared any artist with the same pair to come forward.

“Niskizeni hii kiatu mnajua bei yake, najua hamjui bei yake nawapostia bei yake hebu angalia kabisa hii ndio bei ya hii kiatu na mimi ndio msanii namiliki hii kiatu Kenya peke yangu  Kenya hamna msanii yeyote anamiliki hii kiatu na kama unamiliki hii kiatu post”  he stated partly.

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Cartoon 47 belongs to the new crop of Kenyan entertainers with energies drawn from the new age.

However, the artist is yet to have his big break even as he continues to push through.

The artist has featured in a number of songs namely Teke, Pombe and Bado.




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