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Kenyans ignoring government SMSs on Huduma Cards


By Magi Kadzo

Kenyans have been ignoring SMSs sent by the government instructing them to collect their Huduma Cards.

Speaking in Mombasa, Government Spokesperson Col (Rtd) Cyrus Oguna criticized Kenyans over failure to respond to SMSs requesting them to collect their Huduma cards.

Oguna said the government had sent 4.5 million SMSs but only 2 Million people have responded.

“We urge Kenyans to respond to the SMSs sent by the government to ease the collection of huduma cards which have already been printed out,” said Oguna.

He further called Kenyans using “mulika mwizi” phones to ensure they call the government on 08221111 once they receive SMS for directions.

“Since some people don’t have smartphones and the SMS sent by the government requires you to open a link to answer a question on where you want to collect your card please call and you will be given further information,” said Oguna.

Oguna also castigated Kenyans for issuing wrong contacts during huduma card registration which has also hindered the issuance of the cards.

The second phase of issuing out the cards will be conducted at the end of April.

Kenyans also have the option to change on card location venue by choosing where they want to collect their cards.