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Kenyans In Online War With Ugandans, Uhuru, Museveni Dragged

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There is a waging war between Kenyans and Ugandans on social media that is not going down.

Since last week, Kenyans and Ugandans have been calling each other unprintable names and unleashing disturbing memes on one particular face book page known as ‘kilimani mums and dads  uncensored original’.

The source of the rage and war which is unknown, has now seen the heads of states, popular musicians from both countries and currencies dissed and counter dissed.

Ugandans are attacking Kenyans, telling the Kenyans that their Libido is low and that is why most Kenyan men marry and settle with Ugandans.

On the other hand Kenyans are calling Ugandans Musevenis cows and the solidarity is intact in support shown by Kenyans in that they are attacking the Ugandans mercilessly.

It is even rumored that in order for any Ugandan to join ‘Kilimani Mums and Dads uncensored’ original  page they have to pay a certain fee to the admin. These are some of the funny memes being shared around on Ugandans and Kenyans beef.

Check out the screen shots on some of the conversations;

Let’s wait and see the winner of this particular fight of words.



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