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Kenyans join the world in marking World Cancer Day

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As Kenyans  mark the world Cancer day ,the disease still remains  one of the deadliest in the world with 17 people dying per minute daily.

This is according to world health Organization (WHO) and  the ministry of health.

Kenya Cancer Association says  3200 women die  from  cervical cancer annually.

Cervical cancer survivor Millicent Kagonga from Korogocho slums  maintains that stigmatization remains a major challenge facing cancer victims.

‘‘Have walked this  journey and i know what it takes, in many occasions those next to me were avoiding all that i undertook including sitting next to me, we can not  win the war against cancer with stigmatization on the rise.’’ She said.

Kagonga survived cervical cancer after getting early diagnosis and treatment.

She is now urging parents  to take their  female children for cervical screening saying cervical cancer is treatable at early stages and they should not  shy away.




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