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How Kenyans Are Making Fun Of President Uhuru Kenyatta on Social Media.(Pics)


uhuKenyans on social media can be bullies, good critics, jokers and most of all final judges. A good example of the latter is the case of the man who took on his Facebook to flaunt of having sex with a minor at a bush.

One Mohammed Alfayo was arrested at Sotik after Kenyans caused a loud uproar that caught the attention of law enforcers to do the necessary.

With the good and the bad that comes with social media platforms, one recent trend is the #Challenge. First we had the #M7Challenge , then came #BabasChallenge and now we have #UhurusChallenge.

Sometime back, Kenyans made fun of president Uhuru’s silk shirts- that he only performed poor people’s “things” such as visiting the poor, donating money, eating nyama choma amongst other related activities.

So there is particular photo that bears Uhuru making a humble grand entrance in a seemingly poorly built house that he had visited. As expected, he had his poor-people silk shirt but the most hilarious part is the look on his face.

To take the #UhurusChallenge, you have to have big eyes or else still wide open them. You also need company behind you that will faithfully follow your face gesture…wide opened eyes and at least have a silk shirt to complement the President

The #UhurusChallenge is doing pretty well…..but it might leave you in stitches.

Check out;

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