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Kenyans mock arrests and theft of eggs at DP Ruto’s home


Kenyans on Twitter have received the news with mixed reactions asking the government to focus on big graft thieves and not the petty thieves.

Police officers in Eldoret have arrested four suspects after eggs worth Ksh. 2,500 went missing at Deputy President William Ruto’s Sugoi home.

The four were arrested with empty crates believed to have been pinched from the DP’s home in unclear circumstances.

“Waking up to this!! 10 crates of eggs worth Kshs 2,500/- stolen in Sugoi. Kenya police, hizi ni wizi ndogo ndogo. Deal with the real thieves who’re milking Kenya dry,” Suzanna Owiyo tweeted

“The sugoi story is a diversionary tactic for not to realize that the DCI raided DP Ruto’s sugoi home hunting for Trillions Of taxpayers money stashed their in sacks! Stay Woke! “said Mulmuwas

“While I was away; Four men walked into Deputy President’s farm in Sugoi and stole and courageously walked out with ten crates of eggs. Okay, what title do we give these men?” stated Philip Etale.

Zachariah Bittok, the Eldoret West police boss told journalists that investigations into the matter had been opened after a farm manager at the DP’s home reported the incident.

Officers say that they are curious in un-earthing how eggs disappeared at the farm which is considered ‘very secure’.