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  • Kenyans Being Drugged While Running Errands in Nairobi’s CBD
  • Elderly women using deceptive tactics to steal from People

Kenyans have taken to socio media to narrate how they have allegedly been drugged by elderly women in Nairobi central business district CBD.

According to victims who have been drugged allege that the old women between 40 to 50 years of age use deceptive ways to corner people in order to end up stealing from them.

‘Nilikuwa naenda stage kupanda matt pale Tom Mboya just after KCB…saa moja usiku,” Wanjiru a victim said.

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One such victim, Lydia Wanjiru, recently shared her harrowing experience on her Instagram page.

‘Nikiwa Ninatembea..this woman akanishika kwa nguvu from behind akisema Nisaidie sweety…Two steps ..nikaanza kuskia kizunguzungu…nikaanza kulose conscious kidogo kidogo..kuangalia nyuma naona huyo mathe ananistare hapo ndio nilijua kimeumana,’

Fortunately, a hawker whom Lydia frequently purchased tops from noticed her condition and offered her water, ultimately saving her from further harm.

Lydia expressed her gratitude, acknowledging that she had valuable belongings, including a laptop and phone, in her bag that could have been stolen had the hawker not intervened.

Second Victim

Another victim, known as Bekabeka on TikTok, shared her unsettling encounter while on a matatu heading to town along Thika Road.

According to Bekabeka, an elderly woman, who was initially seated in the back of the vehicle, moved closer and sat next to her.

“Kuna mumama alikuwa ameketi nyuma akahamia next to me pale super metro….kidogokidogo akaanza kunitap na simu yake kwa mkono akitaka nisome message Fulani kwa simu yake…,” Bekabeka said.

Bekabeka, suspicious of the situation, refused to touch the phone but agreed to read the contents

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To her surprise, the message on the elderly woman’s phone was a flirtatious message expressing admiration for Bekabeka’s beauty.

“… nilikataa kushika simu nikasoma tu kwa macho…text ilisema ..Hi mrembo ati uko msupu sana…nikashangaa mbona huyo shosho ananiambia nisome instead ya kunishow tu….hapo ndio nikaona niko kwa danger,”

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