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Kenyans On Twitter React To Trevor Ombija’s Sad Break Up Story


Media personality Trevor Ombija has left Kenyans on Twitter talking after he talked about his past relationship.

According to the news anchor, his past relationship had lasted for 10 years but the girl broke up with him.

According to men on Twitter they took the opportunity to educate follow men on how to live with their girlfriends.

“Trevor Ombija’s story should be a wake-up call to everyman. A woman is solely with you to fulfill her needs. When she feels she’s achieved whatever she wanted she will bring up issues to end the relationship. As a man you need to stay dangerous and have options!” wrote @pizzamwitu.

“Trevor Ombija entertained a relationship for 10 years and even took dowry na bado aliachwa. Men used to be men,” wrote Jemguru


“I have called my son Trevor Ombija over what he underwent after paying dowry and the lady leaving him. It’s very sad and I want to urge men that when it comes to marriage marry your tribe so that any issues are easily sorted. It’s rare to find a kalenjin married to another tribe,” wrote mzeekiborr.

Trevor had recently revealed that he had dated a girl for 10 years and even took dowry to the girl’s family but later got dumped.

“I actually took dowry to her place in 2015, 5th of December can you believe it but who is counting, then akaniwacha and you know what she said, I need to find myself. I tried forcing issues for a while but it finally sinked that aliniwacha and the only therapy I have is the gym, you know the weights are so heavy and those weights will never tell you that they do not love you. You can count on those but cannot count on human beings,” said Ombija.

He advised people not to take their past relationship drama to their next relationship and should fix themselves first before moving on.