Kenya has been ranked as the leading country in Africa with a search interest in private browsing.

A report by tech Giant Google indicates that the private search browsing interest in Kenya has increased by 110 percent in the past five years.

Kenya is followed by Nigeria with 60 percent in private browsing and South Africa is third with 30 percent.

Google Africa Managing Director Nitin Gajria says that the demand for privacy in browsing keeps growing by the day.

“People are more concerned than ever about their privacy online. Regulators across the world are demanding a more private internet . We must earn people’s trust – building responsible, private advertising. To secure a future for the ad-supported web that is safer for people; Stronger for businesses;
And successful for publishers,” said Gajria.

Speaking during an Ads immersion workshop in Sub Saharan Africa Gajria stated that in October last year Google launched My Ad center so that anyone can see and control how their data is used to show them ads on Search, Discover and Youtube.

“They can choose to see less of the ads they don’t want to see (and if they want, more ads
they’re interested in). This works for both users and advertisers. With less waste, more satisfied customers, and a more vital ecosystem. The Ad center works for both users and advertisers,” he stated.

As a way of tightening user privacy and protection Google has announced that all national election ads will not only be reviewed and approved by Google, but will be labeled with the name of the political party and who paid for it.

“This means that advertisers will need to be reviewed and approved by us to run national
election ads. Verified election ads are clearly labelled with the name of the political party that paid for them. And people can see how much was spent, the volume of ads run and how many impressions they received and what campaigns were run in our political transparency report, updated on an ongoing basis.”

The tech giant also has Ad policies largely drawn from laws of the land. The policies see Google prohibit and restrict content and features.

January 19, 2023

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