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  • Kenyans have reacted to the proposed bill to decriminalize prostitution.
  • Chief Justice Martha Koome is proposing for the bill which will see offenders involved in community service and rehabilitation.

Kenyans have taken to their social media networks to react to the proposed bill seeking to decriminalize prostitution fronted by Chief Justice Martha Koome.

According to the Chief Justice, persons engaging in prostitution will be exempted from serving prison time.

However, the buck now stops with the parliament which has so far received the proposal.

The bill was presented by the National Council on the Administration of Justice (NCAJ) through the National Committee on Criminal Justice Reforms (NCCJR) seeking to have the deletion of sections 153, 154 and 155 through amendment of section 4 of the penal code.

Section 153 states that a male engaging in prostitution wholly or partly will be fined heavily.

Prostitution will remain an offence, however, offenders won’t be jailed but rather be subjected to community service and rehabilitation.

Section 154 asserts that women engaging in prostitution and have been found guilty have committed a felony.

Section 155 looks into the premises used in carrying out prostitution allowing for the arrest and such warrants of the hidings.

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Netizens Reactions

Following the new development, Kenyans are continuing to react registering their displeasure over the move.

Many have termed it a way of eroding our cultural and family values.

We sampled a few of them below.

“CJ Martha Koome wants parliament to pass a bill that will make prostitution legal in Kenya! This means prostitutes will no longer be hiding, and they can work anywhere and anytime! Is this a new way of the Kenya Kwanza Government to create employment and raise more tax?”

“Instead of decriminalizing prostitution, they should legalize herb.”

“It’s time Daktari Ruto to call for TIME-OUT, Kazi imemlemea”

“Prostitution is being legalized under a God-fearing president wakati it was illegal under a drunkard, the irony.”

What’s your opinion on decriminalization of prostitution?

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