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Kenyans React To Ruto’s Tight Security In Kibra (PHOTOS)


As Kibra by election campaigns gets to its peak, politicians are pulling all manner of stunts to ensure that they garner votes.

Sunday’s campaign rallies saw political bigwigs enter into the murky Kibra to vouch for their candidates.

Perhaps the most striking feature in the campaigns was Ruto’s security in the Jubilee rally held in Lindi ward.

One security officer whose pictures are doing rounds on social has particularly caught the attention of most online users with his state of the arm fire arm.

While some people were amazed at the tight security Ruto had, some criticized him for intimidating Kenyans.

ODM’s Director of Communications Philip Etale who described it as intimidating.

“This is pure intimidation. The people of Kibra have seen it all though…, wrote Etale.

“This is the Deputy Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces. You wanted him to land like Cyprian Awiti,” wrote Philip Gwako.

“Even if Uhuru goes to Kibera ,he will have more contingent than this,Ruto isn’t odinary mwanainchi,he is asigned this Security everywhere he goes not Kibera alone …..,” wrote Kimayo Evana.

“Are people of Kibra Alshaabab?? Recce? Not even the normal police ,majaabu,” wrote Ezekiel Bor.

“Mudavadi hakuwa na security kama hii, sa hii he is nursing buttocks injury because of ODM goons, he was pelted with stones babaa…… Did you people had the same plans wit DP and it backfired? Kuleni uchungu mosmos,” said Mutai Gibson.