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Kenyans react to video of Kris Darling kneeling before Raila Odinga


Kenyans on social media are on veteran deejay Kris Darling’s case after a video of him kneeling before former prime minister Raila Odinga surfaced online.

Darling who is one of the 26 aspirants vying for the Kibra seat was addressing the ODM party leader while on his knees.

“Nimeskia kuna vijana wengi kule bunge wanapiga baba, mimi ni kijana mwenzao na naomba niende nipigane na wao ukisubiri 2022. Wacha wanipige risasi wakitaka, iwapo hilo litamaanisha ubaki na kuongoza 2022” he said

The incident which took place on Sunday quickly went viral and many Kenyans took to different social media platforms to disapprove his actions.

Read the comments below

“God is the only Father we kneel before Him. You are lost my brother seek wisdom and knowledge from God first and you will be blessed with everything you want.” Wrote Viola Lagat

“DJ Kriss Darlin am your biggest fan and nothing would make me happier than seeing you clinch the Kibra ticket BUT kneeling before a human being is degrading! @RailaOdinga is not a god.” Wrote Erick Derrick

Karelina: Used to like Kriss Darlin until now!! SMH

Sonatai: Si kwa ubaya lakini wasee wa reggae hapa it has been stopped?… amechomaa

Ohta Ryota: Kriss Darling hajui Raila huendorse Yule jamaa ametoa pesa mob? Kneeling before Raila does not move him an inch…mans was hardened by Nyayo house…small small emotions don’t fool him….utoe pesa mzuri ama uende Kwa mama yako