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  • Kenyans react to viral woman in rent saga.
  • The abusive woman has since been called out for her uncouth behavior.
  • A follow up video showed the police swinging into action.

Kenyans on social media are continuing to vehemently condemn an abusive woman involved in rent saga whose video has lit the internet. What’s worrying further is that she does this in the presence of her children.

The video begins with the angry woman pouring expletives to the apartment’s manager who stopped by her doorstep to make inquiries.

The woman’s anger seems to be on another level as she dares the seemingly calm man for a duel.

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“You’re useless…You’re stupid, I’ll hit you” she scoffs partly.

Her anger swells higher on learning that the apartment’s manager had asked her son to be respectful huh!

A screenshot shot of the drama PHOTO Courtesy


Hurls Police Officer’s Phone

A follow up video showed the police swinging into action while she was preparing to leave at the basement parking with her son in tow.

The police also had a taste of her wrath when she scoffed at them unfazed.

One who was recording the proceedings had his phone hurled.

“Usiliniletee unaskia alaah… Unarecord nani na hii bullshit?”

Netizen Reactions

Netizens have since bombarded the internet with reaction after the other condemning the woman.

Her decision to showcase her madness in front of her children has really hurt many. It’s indeed setting a bad precedence for the children who still have a long way to go.

However, the apartment manager has since received a standing ovation for his calm demeanor.

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We camped on social media and sampled a few below.

“I pity the son, he seems embarrassed”

“Hiyo drama yote mbele ya watoto surely”

“Huyu si alipe rent na kiburi yake”

“She is suffering and pouring her frustration to everyone”



February 18, 2024

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