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  • Kenyans React to Ruto’s State of the Nation address
  • Civil societies slams  the President speech

Just a day after  President William Ruto delivered State of Nation address most Kenyans are now questioning  plans the government has put in place to lower high cost of living and in the wake of dilapidated economy.

According to those who spoke to Ghetto Radio News  they can not put three meals on their table with hike of essential basic commodities.

Kenyans Reactions

“We can not have a country which you wake up and the only news you get is increase in taxes that’s worrying and tiresome it will reach appoint where the government will be full of uncertainties. We have all basic goods prices are up and the government is actually giving us a lot of stories not solutions.’’ Mark Ndege said.

“Maisha imekua dimanga kudishi imekua ni bahati na vijana wako juu ya mawe..mimi huchapa hustle yangu ya kuuza viatu lakini saa hii bizz iko chini mbaya..sijui hapo mbee itakuaje sisi kama watu wa mtush unapata mzigo inakam na doo mob juu ya weak Kenya shillings so hata profit ni shida is really worrying sijui mbona tuko hivi na serikali jamani is doing nothing about this situation.Hata ku-renew hizo polices za trade hakuna mtu anafikiria.” Charles Gikomba trader said.

Civil Societies Reaction

The Civil Society Reference Group  boss David Otieno slammed the Presidents’ address saying it hold no waters as the buck still stops with him.

“We are disappointed that Kenyans are suffering and the government is doing actually nothing to salvage the situation. Many  are going without food.The president should be advised that Article 43 is very explicit. It states that  Every person has the right–(a) to the highest attainable standard of health, which includes the right to health care services, including reproductive health care;(b) to accessible and adequate housing, and to reasonable standards of sanitation;(c) to be free from hunger, and to have adequate food of acceptable quality;(d) to clean and safe water in adequate quantities;(e) to social security; and(f) to education.(2) A person shall not be denied emergency medical treatment.(3) The State shall provide appropriate social security to persons who are unable to support themselves and their dependants.’’ He said.



November 10, 2023

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