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Kenyans, Search For Squid Games Costumes as Halloween Nears


The Halloween trend is becoming a popular feature in the African calendar.  Google Search Trends for the period between 21 October and 27 October reveal that Kenyans, Nigerians, and South Africans  are interested in knowing what Halloween is and when it will be. The search trends further show that people went online to search for costumes, movies, decorations, and Halloween party venues within their respective countries.

Searches for Squid Game costumes was the top trend in all 3 countries, revealing the impact of the show released by online streaming platform Netflix. Last year, another Netflix release ‘Stranger Things’ also influenced the choice of costumes for Halloween. People in the 3 countries also searched for movies, what Halloween is and when it is observed.

The search trends results showed Kenyans sought for Lola and Bugs Bunny, Captain America, Black Widow, Fairy Wings, Mermaid Tail, James Bond, Money Heist, Werewolf and Penny Wise costumes. In South Africa, the search trends  showed  the Superhero, Catwoman, Harley Quinn, Masquerade, Wednesday Addams, Joker, Money Heist, Maleficent and Tinkerbell costumes were sought after while in Nigeria people searched for Cinderella, Father Christmas, Squid Game Soldier, Incredible Hulk,Surgeon Doctor, Masquerade, Anna and Elsa,  Spiderman, Rick and Morty Halloween costumes.

Below are the trending search terms related to Halloween in Kenya, South Africa and Nigeria

Trending search terms related to Halloween  in Kenya

  1. Halloween meaning
  2. When is Halloween
  3. Halloween costumes
  4. What is Halloween
  5. Halloween party Kenya
  6. What does Halloween mean in the Bible
  7. Halloween masks
  8. Easy Halloween costumes
  9. Halloween movies
  10. Halloween kills