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Kenyans show support for Ruth Matete after she was attacked by Late Hubby’s manager


Kenyans have taken to social media to show support for Gospel singer Ruth Matete after she was attacked by her late husband’s manager.
Pastor John Apewajoye popularly known as BelovedJohn succumbed to injuries sustained from a gas cylinder explosion.
Until his death on Sunday, Pastor John was married to Ruth Matete and were expecting their first child.
According to the late Pastor’s manager, he is convinced that Matete had a hand in her husband’s death.
The manager only known as Jessy took to social media on Tuesday to level some serious allegations against the singer.
In the video, Jessy accused Ruth of being violent towards her husband and even alleged that she had once stabbed him after an argument.
Kenyans are however convinced that the manager is out to use Matete’s grief to start an online war.
Netizens jumped to the singer’s defense calling off the manager and asking why he never spoke out on the issue when the man was alive.
The couple was married for only five months before the pastor’s untimely demise.