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Kenyans to start cutting their own vegetables after Mama Mbogas ordered to stop chopping vegetables for customers


Kenyans who are used to buying readily chopped vegetables will have to start cutting their own mboga following a directive from the government ordering mama mbogas to sell their vegetables whole over covid-19 fears.

This is one of the measures outlined by the government in fresh guidelines issued for business operations as the country gears towards re-opening the economy amid the global pandemic.

Traders and hawkers will also have to restructure their work places to ensure social distancing rules are maintained.

In the new guidelines, Juakali artisans will also have to adjust their way of doing business by designating specific work stations and tools to each individual.

Business owners running barbershops, salons and other beauty spots have not been spared either; they will have to maintain appropriate distances while keeping at least one work station open between clients.

This is in addition to limiting the number of clients at any given time.

Owners of restaurants and eateries are required to rotate staff members I shifts to reduce employees present at a given time.

They have also been urged to arrange staff transport in a bid to reduce public transport use.

All businesses are encouraged to adopt cashless transactions, ensure ventilation by leaving windows open if possible, clean work surfaces 3 to 4 times daily while keeping track of employee attendance through tracing.

The guidelines will be subject to change depending on what direction the  COVID-19 pandemic takes