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Kenyans Troll Baba After Israel Photos Emerge


Kenyan netizens went wild after photos of NASA flag bearer praying at the wailing wall in Jerusalem emerged online yesterday.

In the photos the former Premier is seen holding a bible at the wall while in another his standing facing the wall in a prayer posture.

Just hours after the photos appeared online Kenyans went wild on the internet referring to Raila as Joshua a biblical connotation.

Many youths took to their online platforms and started a #babachallenge posting photos of themselves in the same positions as the ones referenced on the photos.

Some even went a head to commend him saying they feel blessed and that he is the Joshua that will lead Kenyans to the promised land.

The wailing wall is one of the most known spiritual spots in Israel and is believed to be the spot closest to Solomon’s original temple and the gate of heaven it is no wonder “baba” chose this spot for prayer during his Israeli visit.

Here are some of the tweets and posts doing rounds under the hashtag #Babachallenge