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Kenyans troll Itumbi after heartfelt birthday message to Jacque Maribe

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Denis Itumbi once again sparked relationship rumors with Citizen TV presenter Jacque Maribe when he took to social media on Monday December 18th to pen a heartfelt birthday message for the lass.

Rumours about the two having a secret relationship begun when a photo emerged of them kissing at a club.

The two denied being in a relationship or being romantically involved at the time but we all know Kenyans online never forget.

Some of KOT were quick to offer Itumbi advice after reading the sweet birthday post.
“Divorce loading” wrote one user while one  Mercy Kiongo wrote, “Wah! So romantic. Hahaha Itumbi you’ve have tried oooh.”

” HBD to your “Friend” Jacky,You should marry her” Wrote Lewizzy Phylis.

Itumbi in his post shared how he would have loved to share the day with the beautiful Tv siren but was unable to.

“Dear Jacque Maribe, Standing by the window, holding pen and notebook, I want my wish for you to remain raw in my poor handwriting. May the wind whisper calm in your new year, may the shade of fulfilled dreams cover your path, may you embrace the best of life with endless laughter, may blessings bigger than HSC (Head of State Commendation), expand your name and that of the #Maribe’s,Challenge NOT their version of the truth, instead, push back your braids and enjoy the sunshine and its golden rays. For the truth is, you are a good friend, a good soul and indeed Jacque Wanjiru wa Maribe, you are a good friend, “Happy birthday. I may not be there physically with your other friends to cut the cake, but this little note is my hug and wish. Enjoy!” Wrote Itumbi.


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