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Kenyans troll Magix Enga after Tekashi 6ix9ine drops latest song

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Kenyans on social media were on producer Magix Enga’s neck after American rapper Daniel Hernandez popularly known as Tekashi 6ix9ine dropped his latest jam dubbed ‘Trollz’

The song featuring Nick Minaj debuted on Youtube on June 12th and has already garnered 84.8 million views on Youtube.

The song trended at number one in Kenya mainly because of internet trolls who went to the comment section to call out Magix Enga.

A few days back, Magix Enga filed a copyright claim against Tekashi claiming that the rapper had sampled some of his beats.

“Don’t sample my beats. Biggest song delete by Magix Enga.” Magix wrote on social media

The song was pulled down from Youtube only to be re-uploaded a few hours later an action that Magix Enga attributed to money exchanging hands.

“About the story that is trending, y’all need to know that he did note sample my beats, he used just one of my sample kits. I have my own sample kits and I uploaded them six years ago. Only producers can understand this.So YouTube had to take that song down, and because I don’t want to fight I decided to put that song back on YouTube after receiving some cash and I want to give that money to those who can’t afford a meal today” He said

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Tekashi’s management however came out to term the copyright claim as fraudulent and further denied paying the Kenyan producer.

“We investigated this claim and found that it was fraudulent. No monetary settlement was offered by anyone in our camp.” Read a statement from the rapper’s management

Kenyans are now trolling Magix Enga saying that they are waiting for him to claim rights to the new song.

Read the comments below:

Felix Koskei:Magix Enga swallowing bitterness gently hapa Ngara?

Brown Milax:Magix Enga kindly come and confirm whether they’ve used your beats again ?.

Vınny Kıpss:Even at end when the Angels will be blowing trumpets Magix Unga will still complain that his beats has been sampled by the Angels.??????

Humphrey Ndekerere:Magix Enga is going to claim that he marketed 6ix9ine in Kenya ?

Victor Macharia Kamau:Magix Enga what happened 69 has done it again?