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Kenyans Urged To Raise Alarm On Corrupt Traffic And Matatu Operators

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Chairman of the Matatu  Owners Association Mr. Simon Kimutai has urged members of the public not to keep quiet when they witness any corrupt deal between matatu operation and the traffic police.

Kimutai has urged the public to use social media platforms to name and shame those perpetrating corruption.

According to kimutai the culture of ‘toakitukidigo’ has become a culture on Kenyan, as compared to adherence to the rule of law.

He was speaking after a consultative forum with the Leaders of Multisectorial Initiative Against Corruption.

The forum leaders urged all road users and vehicle owners to practice self regulation and ensure that their vehicles meet all legal requirements and familiarize themselves with the traffic act and all other guidelines that regulate the transport sector.

They said this in itself will greatly reduce instances of corruption cases on the roads.

“We must see beyond now and realize that a corrupt free transpot sector results in more income for investors, more jobs for our youths and a greater kenya for us,”said Kimutai


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