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Kenya’s Blind Pilot To Ride Bicycle In The Netherlands To Raise Money


A visually impaired Kenyan man has launched a campaign to cycle in the Netherlands to raise money for eye surgeries.

Daniel Odongo famously known as the blind pilot is planning to ride a bicycle for at least 21 Kilometers on the 3rd of December in the Netherlands.

Odongo who is a pilot by profession says he underwent several surgeries on his eyes that at least enabled him to see with the left eye.

“I can at least see with my left eye but I can’t see anything with the right eye,” said Odongo.

“Odongo says that currently he has taken a break from flying awaiting to undergo surgeries on the right eye that he hopes will enable him to see,” he says.


Odongo who attended Kibos School for the blind says that he hopes to raise enough money to help other visually impaired people regain their sights.

According to him, eye surgeries are quite expensive but can go a long way in restoring people’s eyesights.

One of his operations he says took at least 16 hours.

You can support this good cause by sending money to Paybill Number 4047901 Acc No Eye.