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Kenya’s Former Boxing Champion Living In Abject Poverty


The Kenyan light flyweight  Suleiman Bilali boxer has flown the Kenyan flag severally at International Competition the most memorable being the 2003 and 2007 All African games where he clinched Gold medals .

The once decorated boxer however is now a shell of his  hey days as Health problems affected his career both as a boxer and a policeman in the GSU.

Bilali suffered a head injury during one of his training and that marked the beggining of his woes as he now became mentally ill, he braved this for two years and dared to step back in the ring again despite a series of misfortunes among them being run over by a matatu.

“The memory loss made me unable to discharge my duties effectively so the boss gave me thirty days off to seek medication,” says Bilali.

He now lives in abject poverty, surviving on handouts.

For a man who bears the honours of Head of State Commendations from two former presidents, his mysterious dismisal from the Police Service is rather heart breaking and unjust.

“I later found out that I was discharged from duty on the 30th of June 2011 and since then I have never got even a penny from my employer” he lamented.

Suleiman Bilali is a true patriot who devoted his talents not only to serve the country but to also ensure we remain relevant in the big pool. The Country owes him for the fifteen years he diligently served us. History shall judge us harshly if we let him whither away.

So much was former Heavyweight Champion Evander Holyfield impressed with Bilali in the fight that he nicknamed him Bilali  the ’Whitaker’ in reference to the American light weight Champion in the 89s Pernell Whitaker.

He now stands penniless and hopeless. We apeal to IPOA to act with the speediness deserved to see that Bilali is fully compensated for all the years he has been out of service without any official communication from the GSU and to also ensure that he is dully paid his deserved benefits.

Attached are testimonials of his mental health problems form Kenyatta National Hospital and Mathari Hospital.