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Kenya’s Nyumba Yetu Band performs at Berklee college in US

Kenya's Nyumba Yetu Band performs at Berklee college in US


Roger Brown and the Nyumba Yetu Band perform their original “The Beautiful Ones” in Shames Family Scoring Stage at Berklee College of Music.

The title of the song is inspired by and taken from the 1968 novel by author Ayi Kweh Armah of Ghana. The recitation of family history under a Mugumo tree is based on the writer’s experience in Mumias, Kenya with Francis Lutomia. Song:

The Beautiful Ones (Roger Brown, Richard Curzi, Jason Sibi-Okumu) Jason Sibi- Okumu, Nairobi, Kenya, voice Jacob Sibi- Okumu, Nairobi, Kenya, guitar Gyovanni, Cotoneu, Benin, voice Lisa Oduor-Noah, Nairobi, Kenya, vocals Niu Raza, Antananarivo, Madagascar, vocals Njoki Karu, Nairobi, Kenya, vocals Lucy Clifford, Wollongong, Australia, bass Alexis Soto, Caracas, Venezuela, percussion Richard Curzi, Boston, Massachusetts, keyboard Roger Brown, Gainesville, Georgia, drums Recorded in Shames Family Scoring Stage.

This campaign is about giving visibility to the Kenyan talent at Berklee and recognition of the writer’s respect for Kenya and Africa as his source of inspiration.