Kenya,WADA Agree on a Road Map

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Kenya’s Delegation in a meeting with WADA officials in Monstreal Canada./photo courtesy of twitter.

Kenyan athletes will not be barred from participating in the International competitions despite the Anti-doping Agency (ADAK) being declared non-compliant with WADA’s code on May 12th.

A press release sent from Monstreal Canada stated that WADA and Kenya amicably agreed on a road map that will see Kenya fully compliant with the World Anti-Doping Code as soon as possible.

The meeting between WADA officials and Kenyan Delegates led by the Cabinet Secretaries Hassan Wario (Sports Arts and Culture) and Amina Mohammed (Foreign Affair) saw the Government commit to expedite amendments to Anti-Doping Act while remaining relevant and sensitive to Kenyan ground realities and local laws.

The meeting between the Government of Kenya and The Word Anti-Doping body was held Tuesday 17th May in Monstreal Canada to review the decision that declared ADAK non-compliant.

Kenya is expected to Adopt the negotiated amendments as agreed with WADA,present the amended clauses to the Act to parliament,get President Uhuru Kenyatta’s assent then present it for a review by WADA.

WADA will then present the amended and adopted Bill to its Compliance Review Committee for final review and recommendation to the Foundation Board for approval.

Director General WADA, David Howman said, ‘Kenya was declared non-compliant because certain laws were not consistent with the World Anti-Doping Code”.

“If the laws are amended as agreed today, I have no doubt that WADA’s Compliance Review Committee would recommend that the Foundation Board revoke ADAK’s non-compliance status”.

“I am confident that this can be done very quickly”.

Other members of the Kenyan delegation included Solicitor General, Mr. Njee Muturi, ADAKs Chairman Mr. James Waweru, ADAK’s CEO, Mr. Japhter Rugut, Kenya’s Ambbassador to Canada, Amb. John Lanyasunya.