In Summary
•It has taken him barely two years to complete the 10 track album
•It features both renowned and unknown star’s like Wyre,Naiboi, Mariana love and Deen
•He supplements his earnings by running a liquor store

Kenyan singer Kennedy Odhiambo, popularly known as Kenzo Matata is back big and ready to conquer the musical world that he once commanded with his first ever solo album dubbed, Love Life Stories.

Speaking to Ghetto Radio News Team via a telephone conversation, The Mama Milka hit maker revealed taking two years to complete the album after taking quite a hiatus.

“Hii album imenichukua roughly ka two years kuimaliza juu pia apo nyuma nilichukua break kidogo lakini sasa nimerudi na ubaya, album tayari iko sokoni nani kazi nzuri naaminia mafans watafurahia” He said.

Wyre sings in DhoLuo
Listening to the song,Jaber which is fourth on the album,Veteran dancehall star, Wyre belts out a couple of lines in dholuo.

“Nyako ler wang’e leny donge ing’eyo ni aheri…Nyaka okinyi” sings Wyre

It loosely translates to a fine lass whom he fondly adores.

One would easily think that Kenzo wrote the lines for Wyre but alas! The former disclosed that, Wyre is a multi lingual who speaks Dholuo with ease after his stint working as a co-producer on an album by the legendary urban luo boy band,Gidigidi & Majimaji.

“Hizo lines za kijaka Wyre aliandika mwenyewe kwanza anaelewa kijaka vifiti,wajua alikua co-producer kwa album ya Gidigidi na Majimaji” He explained

He went further and thanked Ohangla maestro,Makadem for his support in birthing,Jaber.

His song with Naiboi titled, Special also has it’s streams blowing up with an elated Kenzo stating that the song was done before Naiboi left for the Us in search of greener pastures.

Another song that’s dear to Kenzo’s heart is,Jowi which he dedicated to his late brother,Samwel.Kenzo noted that he never wrote the song but actually freestyled it in studio while strumming his guitar.

“Yawa tho gima lich waseiko mang’eny Nyakwar Aboke ywak,ilianza na Kwara,Dana na Mama na sasa ni Sammy Boy” He sings partly

Also on the album is upcoming star,Mariana Love from Embu who has two songs with Kenzo namely Ready For Love and Pressure.Kenzo termed the female singer as the next big thing.

Generally,Kenzo’s album, Love Life Stories has a reggae music and rhumba touch something he attributed to his ghetto upbringing in the slums of South B in Nairobi.

An album requires resources and Kenzo revealed spending quite a fortune in cooking the masterpiece,he qouted more than 120k for the audio’s only,Mark you he’s still working on the video’s with the song,Jaber featuring Wyre being first in line.

He still has a good rapport with his former stable,Ogopa DJs who carried out the mixing and mastering of the album, other producer’s are Taji and Philip Makanda of Mainswitch studios.

Liquor store business

Kenzo runs a liquor store business which supplements his earnings.He maintained that the business has been his backbone over the years.

And now with a new album,Kenzo appealed for support from his fans.

“Mafans wangu wamekuwa true tangu enzi za Mama Milka,Zamzam na Jiwachilie naomba waendelee ivo ivo waingie streaming platforms zote waskize ngoma pia wafanye TikTok challenges” He summed up

By Steve Osaka.

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