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KEPSA Urges Kenyans To Resume Nation Building Activities

The Kenya Private Sector Alliance has congratulated Kenyans and all political leaders for exercising democratic maturity and handling the elections and the results in a peaceful manner.

The business sector is calling for peace to prevail since it is a key pillar for a thriving economy and business environment.

The alliance has showed confidence in the Kenyan Justice System and hopes that any legal option taken by the aggrieved parties will be conducted in a peaceful manner without disrupting the normal operations of the nation.

Kenya Private Sector Alliance CEO Carole Kariuki has toldt Kenyans to resume businesses in the efforts to bounce back from the effects of the Covid pandemic, drought and other challenges like the ongoing Russia-Ukranian war which has led to high cost of living not only in the country but also all over the world.

“We urge Kenyans to go back to work and resume nation building activities as the country strives to recover and rebuild,” said Kariuki.

Carole adds that the task is on Kenyans to ensure that they build the country and it will be achieved by going back to work and back to their daily businesses.

By Stella Anyango.