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Key organizer of anti NYS graft protests goes missing


One of the organizers of Wednesday’s countrywide protests against corruption at the National Youth Service has been reported missing.

Mildred Atty Owiso was reportedly taken by plain clothed men from her house at 8 am to an unknown destination.

A statement released by the National Coalition of Human Rights Defenders states Owiso’s phone was switched off just before she sent a distress message to her lawyer informing him of the men.

“Just been pulled by some plainclothed men. They say they want to question me and been asked to switched off my phone. Please make sure you go to Central, I am sure the rest will be there. Hope i make it on time Urge The the rest to meet you in Central. Gotta go now, ” read part of her text message.

Mildred’s disappearance comes just a day before the countrywide demonstrations against NYS happened.

She was sheduled  to accompany her lawyer Mr. Elvis Abenga to Central Police Station to notify them of the demonstrations on Wednesday.